Friday, June 12, 2015

The Biggest Secret of Attracting Hard to Get Women

#1 trick to “playing hard to get” (most guys do it WRONG)

I bet you’ve heard this advice:

– “Girls want what they can’t have”

– “You got play hard to get”

And the advice is true…
…When you do it RIGHT.

Unfortunately most guys get this completely wrong. And just come off as disinterested, gay, or too shy to make a move.

Or worse, they completely eliminate themselves from her radar.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression:

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it… did it make a sound?

”Well, that is sort of how I view most guys attempts at playing hard to get.

You can play hard to get all you want, but if she doesn’t notice you, or isn’t paying attention to you…

Its all for NOTHING.
Let me explain what my friend Bobby considers the ultimate secret to playing hard to get… and the ultimate secret to making a girl fall in love with you.
(and THIS WORKS even if she wasn’t that attracted to you to begin with.)
Here it is…

She MUST think about YOU when you’re not around.

Pretty simple.

The more she thinks about you (good or bad)… the more she starts to anticipate seeing you.

And its up to YOU to give her things to think about.

Things to analyze and obsess over.

Things to keep YOU on her mind.

How do you do this?

That’s what Bobby explains in this video explains.

Fortunately, there is an odd, but extremely effective “Mind Game” you can use on a girl that will completely take control of her thoughts and have her obsessively thinking about you.

Its called The Scrambler, he’ll teach it to you in the video.

Want to Jump Start “the Chase”? (use the right bait)

In the video you’ll learn powerful ways to… 

– Make a girl think about you constantly (even become obsessed)  

– Have her eagerly anticipate seeing you  

– Have her fantasizing about sleeping with you 

Discover the “Scrambler” now

I bet you already know the first girl you’re going to use it on.

So, hold that picture of her in your mind, because in this video you’re going to learn how to plant a “tiny seed” in her head that unlocks a hidden desire for you..